Jayme Woogerd



Hello, I'm Jayme! I am a second year master's student studying computer science at Tufts University. I grew up in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington and received my undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College in 2007, double-majoring in physics and classics. At Bowdoin, I played four years of NCAA Division III women's ice hockey and softball.

When I'm not at the computer hacking on code, I'm generally running around in the terrible New England weather training for a marathon (or two), plotting my next travel adventure, or pining over tiny houses.


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Pollstr is a domain-specific language embedded in Haskell for specifying and generating statistical surveys. As a proof of concept, I implemented a simple frontend using the artifacts created by a Pollstr program. The example is live here.

Fuzzy Vault
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A "biometric" authentication system implemented in Python and using a simplified version of the fuzzy vault algorithm as described by Juels and Sudan in A Fuzzy Vault Scheme.

Improvise: Musical Improvisation through Game Theory
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Improvise is a project that set out to explore a new method of algorithmic music composition. We used ideas from game theory and a mathematical model for how human musicians improvise to algorithmically generate music that resembles human improvisation.

Team: Caroline Marcks, Andrew Mendelsohn

Magical Particles
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As a final project for a computer graphics course, we implemented a configurable particle system using OpenGL buffer objects, instancing, and GLSL shaders. Here is the full demo.

Team: Louis Rassaby




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